Treat N Gnaw Bunny Buns

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A treat and toy in one, these buns are a fun and tasty way to wear down those teeth.  Outer shell is edible wood mixed with alfalfa.   Filling is flavoured with fenugreek, apple and carrot.   Each bun is just over 3 inches/8 cm in diameter, and about 1.5 inches/4 cm high.  For rodents too! Package of two.

Ingredients - outer shell:  alfalfa (35%), vegetable starch, edible wood, vegetable glycerin

Ingredients - filling:  wheat, milo, modified vegetable starch, buckwheat, oat groats, maltose syrup, dried carrot (3.4%), vegetable glycerin, flax seed, corn oil, dried apple (1.4%), fenugreek (0.7%).