Advent Treat Tree

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Advent treats for your rabbit or rodent!   Each Christmas-tree shaped box contains 24 herb, hay and veg mini-sticks with a variety of toppings (coconut, carrot, cornflower and rose petals).    Give one daily during December and on the 25th, fill with your pet's salad, herbs, hay, treats, etc.   Box is grass-based paper.  Contains 24 treats, each about 4 x 1 x 1 cm.  70 g.

Ingredients:  pea flakes (38.1%), carrot (14%), coconut (12.9%), vegetable starch, nettle (6.5%), meadow hay (6.5%), rose petal (4.9%), vegetable oil, parsley (1.1%), peppermint (0.5%), dandelion (0.5%).