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For Your Bunny

  • 3D Christmas Nibble Stix Scene
    $7.99 3D Christmas Nibble Stix Scene
    A slotted wooden base holds five festive chews, keeping them in place for your rabbit or rodent to chew and tug.   Chews measure about 2 - 2.5 inches/5-6 cm tall and 1 - 1.5 inches/3-4 cm wide.   Base...

  • Bamboo Dumbell
    $4.99 Bamboo Dumbell
    Description to follow!  

  • Banana Leaf Carrot Stuffer
    $9.99 Banana Leaf Carrot Stuffer
    The Banana Leaf Carrot Stuffer is a fun chew made from 100% natural materials with no glue or staples.  Made from tough but chewy banana leaf with a corn leaf stuffing.    Once the stuffing has been...

  • Blossom Tower
    $7.99 Blossom Tower
    Description to follow.

  • Boredom Breaker Rabbit Activity Tunnel
    $9.99 Boredom Breaker Rabbit Activity Tunnel
    A great bunny play tunnel from Rosewood.   Nylon tunnel is 90 cm long, 20 cm in diameter.   Indoor or outdoor use, just wipe or hose clean.   Velcro ties allow you to connect to more tunnels or...

  • Boredom Breaker Rabbit Pop-up Tent
    $7.99 Choose Options Boredom Breaker Rabbit Pop-up Tent
    The Boredom Breaker Pop-up Tent is fun on its own, or can be connected to the co-ordinating Rabbit Activity Tunnel (Item No. BT336) so you can design your own bunny play area.  Corner ties allow you to secure the tent...

  • Breakfast Cookies
    $6.99 Breakfast Cookies
    Breakfast Cookies in Dandelion & Sunflower, Marigold & Banana, and Parsley and Raspberry flavours.  For your rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla.  Assortment of half a dozen, each approximately 2"/5 cm in...

  • Carrot Dream Catcher
    $4.99 Carrot Dream Catcher
    The Carrot Dream Catcher is a safe chew toy for rabbits and all rodents, made of corn leaf, loofah and sisal.   Measures about 34 cm/13 inches long.

  • Ceramic Carrot Bowls
    $6.99 Ceramic Carrot Bowls
    Your rabbit will dine in style with this 5" carrot-adorned dish from Rosewood.   Heavy stoneware prevents tipping, dishwasher-safe.    Choose brown, green or orange.  Many thanks to mom Susan...

  • Chill N Chew Mat
    $6.99 Chill N Chew Mat
    The Chill N Chew mat gives your rabbit or rodent a soft place to rest, and is completely edible.   Constructed solely of water hyacinth and rattan, it contains no glue or staples to harm your pet.   The...

  • Christmas Danglers
    $4.99 Christmas Danglers
    A fun decoration for your pet's home, the natural wood (KD pine, as always!) and materials make this a safe toy for wearing teeth.   Hook and chain included.   Total length approximately 30 cm/12", 2 cm/0...

  • Dandelion and Nettle Roots
    $5.99 Dandelion and Nettle Roots
    Dandelion and Nettle Roots are rich in vitamins and minerals.   A healthy, tasty way to help to wear down teeth.  Ingredients:  50% dandelion roots, 50% nettle roots.   For rabbits, guinea pigs,...

  • Edible Festive  Gnaws
    $5.99 Edible Festive Gnaws
    Festive wooden gnaws for your rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice and gerbils.   Wood, sisal hanging cord.   Package of three.   Each chew measures about 2-3 inches/5-7 cm wide and 3 - 3.5...

  • Exercise Ball
    $2.99 Exercise Ball
    Hard plastic ball with a jingle bell inside, for your buns and piggies to rattle and roll.   Measures approximately 2.5"/6 cm in diameter.  

  • Foraging Cylinder
    $8.99 Foraging Cylinder
    Description to follow...  

  • Fragrant Parsley Bell
    $8.99 Fragrant Parsley Bell
    Rosewood Naturals Parsley Bell is a fun and yummy treat.   Plastic clip or cord for attaching to pen.   Ingredients:  Parsley, wheat, millet, vegetable bonding agents.   For rabbits, guinea...